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#TheBursaryNetwork “Education is not only a ladder of opportunity but an investment in our future.” – Ed Markey.  Maps Maponyane sees education as vital to one’s future and to emphasise this, he is a Director of #bursarynetwork to do his part in helping the youth of South Africa to get a chance to further their […]

Feb 1, 2021

Who is ILOVEBOOBIES? Yes, the name raises an eyebrow, that’s the point, we are here to talk about breast cancer. ILOVEBOOBIES raises funds (through sales of apparel, arranged events and donations) to enable breast cancer screenings amongst rural and other disadvantaged communities. Institutional originated screenings often don’t reach this population group as a result of […]

Oct 13, 2020

Fabiani has always lived a life of style, but on 13 August 2020 the brand launched their latest denim range that made this brand even more cutting edge. The Selvedge Denim range exists of six signature Italian style denims favouring quality over quantity.  A traditionally crafted heritage piece, cut with modern sensibility.  This Selvedge denim […]

Sep 14, 2020

From start-ups to multi-million Rand companies.  From the famous singer to the rookie influencer.  No one was fully prepared for the coronavirus pandemic.  (Okay, perhaps the small businesses that received an average insurance pay-out of R200 000 each from OUTsurance, were a little prepared.) Nonetheless, what are you as a business, professional or individual going […]

Jul 22, 2020

“This year is a write off.” Or is it really?  The para-athlete, Alwyn Uys, has proven above statement to be but only an opinion. Alwyn Uys is one of the people whose 2020 plans were most effected by COVID-19.  We are talking about Ironman’s being cancelled, the opportunity of achieving ‘World’s First’ titles vanished and […]

Jul 1, 2020

They say you can judge someone’s character through their actions. But we realised that you can really determine someone’s character when arranging a surprise party for that person and everyone who knows him are more than willing to help (actually begging to help). About two months ago we started planning Mr Maps Maponyane’s big 30th […]

Apr 16, 2020

Not many people can say that they have never been affected by cancer.  Every year we have to say good-bye to so many good parents, siblings, friends or grandparents due to this terrible disease. So when Hollard Dare Devil Run made contact and asked to help them create awareness around prostate cancer, we took the […]

Mar 31, 2020

They say running your own business takes patience, hard-work and a lot of visits to the psychiatrist. But image what it takes to run thirteen successful hairdressing salons? Gary Rom Hairdressing (GRH) has been at the forefront of hair design, servicing the heads of South Africans for over 30 years.  Gary Rom opened his first […]

Feb 26, 2020

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse” Finding out he is paralyzed from the waist down, after setting his sight on a career in rugby, was Alwyn Uys’ strongest excuse.  Excuse to be average, to just be that guy in a wheelchair, to be the one everyone felt sorry for.  But this weekend he will start […]

Jan 22, 2020

As you might have noticed, CBD Marketing has a passion for sport, more specifically Rugby! For us it’s not so much about what happens on the field (obviously we love it when our team wins), but more about what happens behind the scenes.  What makes each player great, how a team gets managed, etc.  One […]

Jan 13, 2020

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