May 16, 2019

la prairie

Vincent van Gogh once said: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”.  Not that the brands we work with are small in anyway, but we combined the specialities of five different companies to achieve a greater goal.

With a superior bubbly served in quality glass and a world class harbour view as location, La Prairie could not have asked for a better setting to launch their new range – Platinum Rare Collection.  CBD Marketing invited press and influencers to experience the ultimate luxury of La Prairie with Cape Grace Hotel as location, GM & Ahrens serving bubbly, Riedel Glassware supplying their quality glasses and The Rose Cafe providing decor.

Anna Roque, one of La Prairie’s top trainers, gave a presentation and demo on the Platinum Rare Collection.  The ladies had the chance to experience these products and we think it is safe to say that many left that day having fallen in love with this range.

Thank you to all the brands that made this day possible and to all guests that made this occasion memorable.