SensaiĀ leaves lasting Impressions

Aug 1, 2019

ā€˜Building relationshipsā€™ is a key term within the practice of Marketing.Ā  CBD Marketing strives to achieve this every day, not because a marketing guru instructed to do so, but because we want to walk a journey with brands and their consumers.Ā  We implemented this exact methodology when launchingĀ Sensaiā€™s Absolute Silk range.

Once againĀ SensaiĀ has put trust in the science of Japanā€™s technology and the benefits ofĀ Koishimaru Silk was discovered.Ā  There after the Absolute Silk range was born.Ā  To learn more aboutĀ Koishimaru SilkĀ click here.

To mimic the exquisite sensorial impressions that the Absolute Silk range embodies, we wanted to follow a more personalised route.Ā  Personalised press-drops of the Absolute Silk Micro Mousse along with special Sensai macaroons were delivered to Cape Town- and Johannesburg-based press.

Carefully selected influencersā€™ names were engraved on certain Absolute Silk products and also personally delivered.

In addition to the VIP deliveries, we arranged an Absolute Silk event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Johannesburg.Ā  This was an opportunity forĀ SensaiĀ to meet influencers, bloggers and other press and introduce the benefits of the Absolute Silk range.

SensaiĀ is a fantastic product, but the interaction consumers have with the brand and how the brand makes them feel is what setsĀ SensaiĀ apart from the rest.

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