Alwyn uys, the para-athlete, is #forgingiron

Nov 11, 2019

A few months ago, we had the privilege of meeting a man with the determination of bull heading towards a muleta and today we are ecstatic to be working with this human-being.  Alwyn Uys is an athlete that decided that living an active lifestyle will always be part of who he is and that nothing will keep him from achieving that, not even the fact that from 2014 he cannot move his legs.

In Alwyn’s previous life, he was known as a Matie- & Sharks Academy Rugby Player and determined to make it big time within the system.  But Alwyn had a near death experience and today he is unable to move his legs, let alone use them for sport.

After years of rehab (physically and mentally), Alwyn competed in the famous Half Ironman event in Durban, as the first ever paraplegic athlete.  Today he is more dedicated as ever and currently working towards being the first para-athlete to take part in all three full Ironman events in 2020.

Unfortunately, making the transition to a professional athlete has its costs and being a paraplegic making that transition, is even more difficult.  Currently we are working with Alwyn to help him raise funds for a new racing chair and let us tell you – those things do not come cheap.

Alwyn is also working with his designated photographer & videographer, Estvan Vermeulen, to give the country a glimpse of what it is like as a para-athlete. #forgingiron

P.S. Alwyn can’t move his legs, but he can drive better than most… Pretty amazing!

Click here to see how he does it.

To know more about Alwyn’s story and how his day-to-day routine is like, kindly checkout a few of his YouTube videos here.  But be warned – his positive energy is contagious!

If you would be interested in helping Alwyn or see a brand opportunity, kindly contact us or click here.

Alwyn Uys, you are truly inspiring and make us want to work harder every day.

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