Surprising the birthday boy, maps maponyane

They say you can judge someone’s character through their actions. But we realised that you can really determine someone’s character when arranging a surprise party for that person and everyone who knows him are more than willing to help (actually begging to help).

About two months ago we started planning Mr Maps Maponyane’s big 30th Surprise Party and if you know Maps at all, you would know he is smart and to keep a secret from him is near impossible.  But today, exactly a month ago we pulled it off.  Maps thought he was on his way to MC for an Investec event and had to prepare notes all day (sorry about that), but Investec was in on the matter.  When he arrived at the supposed event at the Houghton Hotel, all Maps’ close friends and family were waiting to celebrate the amazing human-being.  He was so astonished, the wall behind him helped to keep him on his feet (video footage is available for proof).

The rest of the evening was filled with elbow-greetings, bubbly ‘cheersing’, nostalgic stories, photo-taking, smiles and laughs.  Oh and don’t forget the cake-eating!

Thank you to every single person that attended and everyone that lend a hand.  Experiencing the willingness to help make your day special and everyone doing it with an absolute smile, is a true testimony of the impact you have on others and how loved you are, Maps Maponyane.

We hope that everyone can look back at that evening during this time of social distancing and smile!


A special thanks to the following service providers that were happy to help with NO BUDGET WHATSOEVER:

The Houghton for sponsoring food and your luxurious Rockstar Penthouse for the evening.

Balloon Design for being the life of the party and bringing the vibe!

Fuji Film for sponsoring Mini Link Printers and film to remember the evening by.

Bake-My-Day, because what would a birthday be without the most fabulous cake.

Pringle of Scotland, ToePorn, Kiehl’s for the gift bags.

The Really Great Brand Company and Tamasa for the beverages.

The talented Lakhe Khoza for dedicating his time to capture the special moments on the evening.