Alwyn Uys is taking back 2020

Jul 1, 2020

“This year is a write off.”

Or is it really?  The para-athlete, Alwyn Uys, has proven above statement to be but only an opinion.

Alwyn Uys is one of the people whose 2020 plans were most effected by COVID-19.  We are talking about Ironman’s being cancelled, the opportunity of achieving ‘World’s First’ titles vanished and so much more.

On 26 March 2020, Uys still achieved one of his goals he set out for this year: he completed his own Ironman in his hometown, Durbanville.  “The odds were stacked against us from the beginning, when all pools and beaches were closed already.  I had to swim 3800m in a stationary position in my pool at home,” Uys explained.  In total it took him 11 hours and 20 minutes to complete 180km on bicycle, 42,2km run, 3800m swim.  How is that for a day’s work?


Another dream of Uys’ was to run the Comrades Marathon.  Earlier this year he received the good news that the organisation agreed to let Uys participate and become the first para-athlete to cross the finish line.  You can only imagine the disappointment when that too got cancelled.

Nevertheless, dreams were made, goals were set and training was already done.  On 14 June 2020 Alwyn Uys will do the Comrades, even if it had to be a virtual run.


A few brands were brought on board to help make the event possible.  As well as, a back-up vehicle and a few friends that joined along for the ride.  A special thanks to Shaun Peters, who provided great commentary and music during the run.

On 14 June Uys completed the trip to Stellenbosch and back to Durbanville (90km) in 5 hours 28 minutes.


“Mad love and respect for this brother, Alwyn Uys smashing his first Comrades Marathon today. What a massive privilege to have witnessed this effort today, and what an effort it was”

– Friend of Uys, Pierre Cronje –



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