Yes, the name raises an eyebrow, that’s the point, we are here to talk about breast cancer. ILOVEBOOBIES raises funds (through sales of apparel, arranged events and donations) to enable breast cancer screenings amongst rural and other disadvantaged communities.

Institutional originated screenings often don’t reach this population group as a result of unawareness or budget, geographic, time, domestic and work constraints. Even if they are aware of the risk posed by breast cancer, they are the least likely to sacrifice family resources to get themselves examined.

Screening Protocol:

Group screenings – Usually occur in community halls, farm facilities or the CANSA Mobile Clinic, where it is arranged for both
working and unemployed ladies to attend. The ladies are treated to a snack, juice, a pair of IloveBoobies socks, and general
health briefing, and then they undergo a breast exam carried out by a trained, experienced, registered nurse.

If an abnormality is detected, the CANSA supervisor informs Groote Schuur Hospital Oncology Department, an
appointment is made for a mammogram and blood test. CANSA arrange transport. If there is a positive result, the
individual then becomes a patient of the State Hospital and undergoes treatment.

“The role of the mother is so important to the health of a child that her death has a direct impact on the survival of her children.
We should be prioritizing access to healthcare that sustains women with any type of disease that can result in their mortality,”
said Dr. Formenti, radiation oncologist-in-chief at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. “start thinking about the
collateral damage that occurs to children when their mother dies.”

How can you support?

Online Shop – Go online and purchase some of the ILOVEBOOBIES merchandise, which is outstanding quality! With every 5 pairs of socks sold, one woman would be able to go for their screening! They have a beautiful range from socks to your running shirt! Have a look at their online shop here:

Donate – If the ILOVEBOOBIES merchandise is not for you (which is hard to believe :P) You can show your support through donating an amount to them directly. Show that you support those boobies!

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