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Healthy Immune System:

Hands up, who likes oranges? Count us in!? Oranges are known for their many health benefits and are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Did you know that one large orange provides over 100% of the required daily intake? They contain high levels of vitamin C, which is also important for the proper functioning of a healthy immune system – it is good for preventing colds and avoiding recurrent ear infections. We are currently going through the third wave of COVID-19, and it is a challenging time. Especially for those who are particularly vulnerable due to their weak immune systems.

That’s why the Ruben Richards Foundation has partnered up with the Bryan Habana Foundation, Centre for Early Childhood Development, Olifants River Valley Citrus Producers and CBD Marketing to bring you the fantastic #projectorange2021?Ā 

? Project Orange is back!?

Our goal is to strengthen the immune system of vulnerable communities. Vitamin C is an important immune system booster, especially for women and children whose immune systems are at risk.? In 2020, #projectorange delivered 7 million oranges to communities all over South Africa, and this year we strive for 14 million. In this global pandemic, the problem for people in these communities is that they are unable to self-isolate or protect themselves from Covid-19 due to inadequate living conditions. The Coronavirus mostly affects people who are vulnerable and immunocompromised.

Dedicated to healing and restoring traumatised communities, Ruben Richards Foundation has conducted three workshops to enrich the lives of South African women and children.

By delivering vital vitamin C and educational resources about nutrition to their doorsteps, we aim to create hope and honour the importance of women and children in South Africa today. The Ruben Richards Foundation has negotiated with the farmers at Olifants River Valley and they have agreed to donate up to 14 million oranges this year. These oranges will be made available during the harvest season. The oranges are supplied fresh off the tree and not from the storage.



Boosting the immune system during a global pandemic is critical, as is ensuring vulnerable women and children have access to vital vitamin C. We are proud of the way Project Orange has made it simple and easy for South Africans to participate in this campaign and contribute to helping vulnerable communities fight our common enemy, COVID -19.

Let us show our love for the women and children of South Africa. Help a family by sponsoring an orange for 50c. One bag of oranges can sustain a family of 5 for a week. You might think twice about that 50c on the floor of your car. Can you help us get this to the communities to ensure that they are nutritiously strong to stand stronger against COVID -19? Let us know in any way that you can support. Letā€™s keep SA healthy one orange at a time.?

If you would like to get involved as a sponsor, please email: