Apr 28, 2022

What is Bavaria?

Bavaria 0.0% is a non-alcoholic malt drink with clear hints of hop, giving it the unmistakable Bavaria flavour. Brewed with the best natural ingredients and natural mineral water from Bavaria’s own spring, with a pleasant aftertaste, a grain-like sweetness and refreshing bite. They come in a variety of flavours including peach, apple, lime and more.

It is brewed by the Royal Swinkels Family Brewery. Bavaria is the best summer refreshment!

Why Bavaria?

Bavaria 0.0% can be enjoyed by anyone. If you’re pregnant, going on year 5 of sobriety or you have to be the designated driver but you love that beer taste, Bavaria 0.0% is the beer for you. They have various delicious flavours for you to choose from, including a whole new range. Go check them out – Click here

A truly unique beer taste – the sweetness of malt, the slight aroma of hops, malt and fruitiness. The aftertaste consists of the gentle sweetness of malt mixed with a pleasant bitterness. This non-alcoholic beer has a strong aftertaste without any alcohol. It is brewed with the best raw materials and natural mineral water from Bavarian spring water.


“Enjoying my summer days the Bavaria way! ?
Sipping on the Bavaria 0.0% non-alcoholic Pilsner while soaking up the sunshine is my way of celebrating summer☀️ If you’re looking for a beautiful blend of delicate flavours, look no further than the Bavaria 0.0 Beer or the 0.0 IPA ?” – Yuka Stolze

“Those of you on the journey of recovery and sobriety keep working it because it works. If you are still keen for the beer taste, low calories and managing your consumption there’s always Bavaria 0,0% ?” –  Kabelo Mabalane