Daily Dish

May 26, 2022

Who is Hungry? Are you ready to make the most delicious and healthy meals?  Time to impress your family with the best meals they have ever had. Daily Dish makes it easy for you with their pre-portioned ingredients and easy to follow recipes for up to 4 dinners.

“Our goal is to be as transparent with our food journey as possible because by not hiding anything from you, you know you are receiving food that is sustainable, prepared with love and will be delicious. Maybe for your daily dinner that’s a bit radical, but we’re all about honest eating.”

“That’s why we focus on offering weekly, pre-portioned meal kits because we need to give the processing time. We’re the opposite of fast food.” – Daily Dish

Please do yourself a favour and have a look at their website.

How it works:
1. Choose your meal

Choose your flavour from 5 lovingly curated menus and 20 recipes per week. You can swap dishes out as you choose. Ensure your subscription is active on a Wednesday before 11:00

2. We deliver

They will then deliver perfectly pre-portioned fresh ingredients in a refrigerated box (so everything stays fresh) to your door every Monday.

3. Start cooking

And so the fun begins. Time to make mouth-watering dishes every night using their easy-to-follow, and collectable recipe cards included in your box.

Why choose Daily Dish?
  1. They are healthy – They source only the freshest ingredients from their trusted suppliers and local farmers.
  2. They have an extensive variety – No need to have repeated recipes for at least 10 weeks, guaranteed. A new, yummy meal every night, your favourites will feature again.
  3. Flexibility – No contracts here, you can pause when you want to, for as long as you want to.
  4. They go green – They use 100% Recyclable paper-based packaging approved by the Forest Stewardship Council┬«
  5. Rewards – Get up to 25% back with Vitality HealthyDining, referral discounts that accumulate, and much more.