Amy Jones Performs Live at the Shrewsbury Flower Show UK 2022!

South Africa’s talented sweetheart Amy Jones, got the opportunity to headline one of the oldest shows in the UK, The Shrewsbury Flower Show 2022! The show is one of the country’s premier flower show events, attracting top exhibitors from all over the country. The show features floral displays, TV personalities, celebrity chefs, spectacular arena events and live music.

We asked Amy Jones to share her experience with us.

“This year, I got the opportunity to headline one of the oldest shows in the UK. I was asked to perform at the 133rd Shrewsbury Flower Show and little did I know it wouldn’t just be one performance. On my arrival, right before the first day of the show, the organizers have asked if I would love to be a surprise act for the Friday evening, of course, I said yes, without any hesitation as I was so ready and so excited to perform in a different country!”

“Going on stage that Friday night, I had tons of butterflies and so much exciting nerves. Yes, I still get them good nervous, but I love it! From the moment I sang that first song and first note and first word – the crowd just couldn’t get enough, and it felt like I literally had them in the palm of my hand as I was sharing about my journey, my challenges as well as the songs I write. They didn’t want to go off and I think I didn’t want to, either. That’s how much fun I had. Most of the people in the crowd had passes for the Friday only, but when I got on stage that Saturday evening, I saw most of their faces again along with friends and family. That to me made it even more special. Most definitely one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever done in my life.”

“Singing on stage and sharing my heart, my passion for music, thousands of miles away from home, gave me goosebumps. What I used to dream about as a little girl – has come to pass and there’s still lots waiting for me. God is truly faithful and such a good, good Father. When we dream big in God, anything is possible. Not even the sky is the limit!”

“Being in the UK has opened my eyes on so many levels. There’s always more to see, more to do and more to dream, but when you’re simply just YOU, throughout all of it – that’s powerful. I hope to have inspired many youngsters on this trip – to never give up on their dreams – cause their breakthrough might just be around the corner.”

“The world needs what you have – and no one else can fill your spot.”

Well done Amy. You made South Africa proud!