Asus VivoKicks 2023 & Ellesse – Co-Branding Creative Campaign

Oct 7, 2023

#Asus_sa, #Ellesse, #Vivokicks

In today’s digital age, marketing strategies have seen a significant shift towards influencer marketing. With the rise of social media platforms and the growing popularity of influencers, brands have found a new and effective way to reach their target audience.

CBD marketing was tasked with promoting the 2023 Asus VivoKicks design competition through influencer marketing.  With set specific objectives to increase brand awareness, drive product sales, and position Asus as a leading laptop brand in the market and brought the footwear brand, Ellesse on board for a co-branding campaign aligned perfectly.

With the target audience and influencers identified, CBD Marketing crafted a fun and interactive campaign strategy. We decided to focus on creating compelling video content that highlights the key features of Asus VivoKicks Design competition #wowtheworld and demonstrates how to enter and stand a chance to win with Asus. The objective was to leverage the influencers’ storytelling abilities to showcase the competition in an engaging and informative manner.

Once the influencers were onboard, we provided them with creative direction and guidelines to ensure that the content was aligned with the campaign objectives and brand identity. In collaboration with Ellesse, the influencers were given the freedom to showcase their shoe designs in their own authentic style, utilizing their creativity and expertise to resonate with their followers.

The strategy also emphasized the importance of diverse content formats. Reels proved to be effective in generating views and engagements due to their engaging and easily consumable nature.

Co-branding proved to be a powerful way to market on social media, it’s a win-win for both the Asus and Ellesse brands. Using this approach, we were able to reach the audience of both brand and have multiplying effects and returns.