From Miss to Mrs: Amy Jones’ Journey to Happily Ever After with Lee Willcock

We’re here to spill the tea on one of the most talked-about events in town: Amy Jones’ wedding! We know you’re dying to hear all the juicy details

, so sit tight and get ready to indulge in this enchanting tale of love, laughter, and happily ever after.

The Venue:
November 2023, A Fairytale Setting. Picture this: a sun-kissed garden adorned with twinkling fairy lights, fragrant blooms, and a breathtaking view of the rolling hills. Amy and her beau, Lee, chose Cavalli Wine Estate, an elegant venue that perfectly encapsulated their fairytale romance. Every corner was filled with whimsical charm, making guests feel like they had stepped into a storybook.

The Dress:
Simply Divine Amy’s wedding gown was nothing short of a real-life princess. She glided down the aisle in a stunning, white creation by Melody Bowers, a designer from Phenomena. Phenomena designer, Melody Bowers dives deeper. “Amy’s dress was off-white with a 3D pearlescent effect and overlaid with a skirt of shimmering tulle carefully handcrafted with pearls and sequins and flown in from India, especially for her.

The bodice was embossed with an embroidered motif and encrusted with jewels that were individually hand-sewn to create a modern yet classic look. Amy’s brief was that she wanted to look like a princess, so together with her brief and what I had envisioned for her, this dress was created. I drew inspiration from the classic, yet modern series called Bridgerton. (Queen Charlotte, to be specific)”

The Ceremony:
Love in the air the air was electric as Amy and Mark exchanged heartfelt vows in front of their loved ones. Emotions ran high, and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. The officiant’s words resonated with everyone, reminding us of all the power of love and commitment. It was a truly magical moment, and we were honoured to be a part of it.

The Reception:
From bubbles courtesy of Rhebokskloof Wine Estate to the delicious oysters and mini canapés, the curated experience for the wedding guests was fabulous. With Elegant table settings, and a delectable feast, the intentional and personal touches, such as the personalized monogram lighting and mini–Fynbos Gin party favours, sponsored by Wilderer, made it even more special. Amy and Lees’ love for music was
evident, as record vinyls were cleverly incorporated into the decor. It was these personal touches that truly made the wedding unforgettable.

It was the fairytale wedding that Amy dreamt of. The newlyweds took centre stage, not only for their first dance but each performing live for the lucky guests, and boy, did they heat up the room! MC Carle Wastie and the DJ kept the party going well into the night, ensuring everyone had a blast. The celebration was captured by Huisgenoot Magazine, Bloss Magazine and Insider SA.

Their magical day reminds us of the beauty and significance of love and celebration. So, here’s to love, laughter, and the magic of weddings!